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About us

Denise and Chuck McCamy have been selling 5x7 greeting cards since 2007.  These cards feature an edge to edge 5x7 picture on the front of the card.  The pictures are of country primitive  antiques.  Please visit the 'Greeting cards' page for more information.  Many of our customers have asked if we offer prints  of any of these pictures.  We decided that we would start doing just that.  The 'Country primitive' folder in the portfolio page has about 85 pictures offered in several different sizes.  Prints can be ordered right from this site.  We also have several other types of pictures available as prints, the folders of which can also be found on the portfolio page.  We think you'll find something of interest there also.  Chuck has cropped the pictures and placed them in folders with the sizes listed.  That makes it easier to order. 

Any questions and comments can be emailed to us or  you can call and chat.  Check the "Contact us' page for  our phone number  and email address.  We'd love to hear from you.

We hope you enjoy looking through the pictures

Denise and Chuck


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