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Prints info

We've chosen Bay Photo to handle all print orders.  Chuck has used them quite often in the past and has had good results.  We feel that they will do a great job with whichever photo(s) you choose.  Chuck has already cropped each picture and placed them in a gallery that is labeled for that size.  Some pictures look good square, some panoramic, etc.  All guesswork in cropping has been taken out.  You will usually find the same photo in several sizes. 

Framing, mounting and finish options exist for most print sizes with the following exceptions: 


            5x7 size offers only mounting and finish options

            10x15 size offers only mounting and finish options

            5x15 size  does not offer any options- only the print

Chuck's brothers Bob and Curt McCamy were kind enough to contribute some photos for these galleries.  Photo number 207 is from Curt.  Bob contributed numbers 200-202, 204-206, 210-212, 215-218 and 220-223 .  We think you will agree that they are some great photos.

We hope you enjoy browsing through the galleries.  Thanks for taking the time !

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